Thursday, October 1, 2009

'Tis The Season For Trucks!

Thank you to the Mothers & More of Greater New Haven for the following information:

What does an Ambulance, a School Bus, a Dump Truck, an Oil Truck and MANY more trucks and vehicles have in common??? Can't figure it out? Well it's a TOUCH A TRUCK event!!

Saturday, October 10th at the Chevrolet Theater Parking Lot. 9am-1pm. Admission is $5.00 per child, kids under 1yr are free! Rain or Shine. We'll hope for sun, but splash in the rain if we have to in our rain coats and rain boots to see, sit and touch all the trucks and vehicles that will be there! What else would you do on an early Saturday morning but bring your kids to our event so the next time they yell in the car, "MOM, THERE'S A DUMP TRUCK!!" as you drive by one, you can say "Yes and you just saw, sat and touched one too! Plus a lot more"

Mark your calendars right now so you won't forget and be sure to bring your cameras so you can post all your pics on Facebook later to show your friends how much fun our Touch a Truck event was!!

Sponsored by Mothers & More of Greater New Haven. Questions about the event? email .

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