Thursday, October 22, 2009

Climate Change Rally

Come to the New Haven Green for a climate change rally this Saturday, October 24th. If you're worried about climate change, please consider stopping by to show your
support! Rain or Shine! (They will use the roofed stage on the green for sheltering kids and art projects, in the event of rain.)

Where: New Haven Green
When: Saturday 3-5pm
What: Rally to raise awareness about climate change

Main Event:
At 3:50 PM the coalition of rally organizers will help to form a large
"350" comprised of participants standing in formation across the
Green. This display will be photographed from above, posted on the website, and sent to elected officials to draw attention
to the long term goal of returning the earth's atmosphere to 350 ppm
carbon dioxide following the clean energy transition.

Also Featuring:
Live music, free coffee donated by Blue State, baked goods donated by
SoNo Baking Company, facepainting and art-projects for kids, and
speeches and information from local environmental groups.

Why 350?:
Scientists say that 350 parts per million carbon dioxide in the
atmosphere is the safe limit for humanity. The bad news is we are
currently at 390 ppm. The good news is there are lots of ways we can
return the atmosphere to below the safe limit. More information at

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