Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Boo Boo Stick

My little guy seems to get a new bruise, bump or cut every day. We've actually had days when he looks like he just walked out of the final scene of Rocky (guess which character he is) and I'm afraid to take him out in public for fear that a stranger on the street will call DCF from her cell phone. Everyone tells me that he is just "that age." (Sigh...)

Well, if any of you have a toddler who is also "that age," Davies babies Boo Boo Stick is the product for you!

My son will never hold a cold "boo boo bunny" or ice pack to his head, but he will let me apply this cooling "medicine." And not only has the boo boo stick actually helped with swelling and bruises, it has provided the emotional soothing a sensitive toddler often needs. Just as we often tell our kids when we give them medicine, he knows this will make things all better soon.

At $10 a pop, it's not exactly as cheap as an ice pack, but it does last an amazingly long time. A tiny dab is all one needs, so one tube should be more than enough to get your toddler through "that age." (Again...Sigh...)

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