Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rainy Days...

Let's face it--no one loathes a rainy day more than a kid. The weight of this fact couldn't be more obvious as I look at the weather outside and then over to my toddler, hurling his toys across the room and yelling "boom!" as they hit the ground. This, of course, only when he isn't turning on and off the television, begging "Elmo." (I know...I'm so ashamed).

So what do we do with these munchkins on these rainy, cold days? Here are some ideas:

Check out our list of children's museums to the right of this post. And here is a tip: If you pay the $100 for a year-long reciprocal membership at Kid City, Lutz, Stepping Stones, CMSC, Imagine Nation, and West Hartford , you get into all six! (Please note that the Stepping Stones membership is actually $175 and West Hartford is $125, so you may think joining at one of the others is the better deal).

Did you know that some of the play set stores have open play times? Jungle Jim's in Orange and Timbergyms in Newington cost $5, for example.

We are all eagerly awaiting someone to open an indoor playspace in New Haven (hint hint, budding entrepreneurs out there), but in the meantime, there are several outside of the Elm City limits. Playtime Village in Monroe, Stay and Play in Old Saybrook, Coco Key indoor water park in Waterbury, to name a few.

Let us never underestimate the power of Ikea. The store's Smaland (for kids over 37 inches tall and potty-trained) and even the plain old toy section are enough to keep these blogger moms' kids happy for hours. Seriously...hours.

Okay people--it's your turn. Leave comments with the names of places I've forgotten!

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