Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Booties For Sock Houdinis

At Toddler Tunes this chilly morning, I watched as baby June tugged at her adorable wooly socks only to reveal a second pair underneath. Her mother explained that she double bags June's footsies in an effort to outsmart her little sock Houdini. I remember when my little guy (now 16 months) used to pull his socks off... Oh, who am I kidding? He still loves to free those toes! Especially in the car...or in the grocery store...or in his crib at night--Really anywhere at any given time. But when he was still tiny, like June, I would try anything to keep them on. Then one day the sky opened up and a friend (and fellow blogger mom) gave us the most wonderful gift: Zutano booties. (Note the "us" here, because it truly was as much a gift for me as it was for him). Zutano booties are the only booties that I, and my fellow blogger moms, have found that these little Houdinis can't get off. Plus, they are washable (though they do shrink on the first wash), super cozy, and come in tons of colors. I love these booties so much that they have become a baby shower gift staple.

You can find Zutano booties on the Zutano website, among many other baby boutique sites, or at Urban Baby in New Haven or Mirabelle in Westville.

Enjoy! And as always, spread the word!

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