Tuesday, June 9, 2009

That Baby Floats!

I'm not much of a worrier - or at least I didn't used to be - but due to the fact that my in-laws live on a lake and my parents both have pools, I'd like my baby to start learning how to float sooner than later. Other friends around the country had recommended Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) as a good way to acclimate babies and toddlers to the water, and my 10-month old is now in his 2nd week of lessons.

Although it's sort of um, interesting to witness (stressful might be a better word), it's also amazing to see him learning to float after only 9 days of one-on-one lessons at Healthtrax in North Haven.

Yesterday, our ISR instructor was featured on WTNH's Connecticut Style ... click here for the video and link to her website, which explains the program philosophy in more detail. Jody is a great instructor and I'd recommend her to anyone. If you have questions feel free to email or post in the comments section! -nicolette

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