Sunday, May 3, 2009

Music Together

I must admit that one of the best parts of having this blog is that I can let other parents know about my favorite "mom things"--and this is definitely one of my favorites.

The Music Together class was recommended to me by another NHK blogger mom who took her 3 year old daughter before she began preschool. I began taking my son when he was about 18 months, which I secretly felt was too young for music class...but it was December, and the thought of being stuck inside all winter inspired me to try the class--just for one session. After my son started singing the words to the songs (which developed into his first sentences) and tapping out the *correct* rhythm, I quickly realized that he was the perfect age to be in music class. In fact, I wish I'd put him in sooner. Our escape from the winter months has turned into a regular activity for us. My son has learned so much, there is no way I could take him out now.

Here's some more info on the Music Together classes in our area. If you are outside of CT (believe it or not, some of our readers are!), please visit to find a class near you.

Musical Folk - Tel: 203-621-9759
Offering Music Together - A fun creative Music & Movement program for toddlers (newborns through 5 years old) and the ones who love them! Come sing, dance & play instruments in an informal fun setting.

Classes and demo classes are ongoing throughout the year. Classes are held at the First Presbyterian Church - 704 Whitney Ave, New Haven, and in Westville at the Revive Wellness Studio - 867 Whalley Ave, New Haven.

Research has shown that children who have had exposure to making music at a very young age can achieve music competence earlier than those who have not had a rich musical environment. Increasing their vocabulary and early language skills as a result, building their confidence, and creativeness, as well as giving them the foundation they need when it comes time to begin formal instrument lessons. The participation and musical role model of the parent or the caregiver makes this program so special, and successful, building an emotional bond and a love of music that lasts a lifetime.


Susan O said...

Do you have an approximate cost?

Pokolodi said...

You'll have to look at their website for prices. . I believe they are listed.
Just so you know, there is a free demo on August 13th. I'm going to post a reminder with details about that this week, but you can also see find out details on their website.