Monday, November 3, 2008

Voting Specials

Krispy Kreme and Starbucks are not the only ones rewarding you for voting! My personal favorite kid's t-shirt website is also getting in on the "get out the vote" game!

Sandbox Threads, an online store started by a stay-at-home dad who couldn't find cool clothes for his baby boy, has offered the following: "Once you received that cool 'I Voted' sticker, you can go shopping at Sandbox Threads and receive 15% off by using the coupon code IVOTED."

Andy, the founder and dad of Sandbox Threads, also had this to say:

I watch cable news while making the shirts that you guys order (thank you again), and I’m tired of just listening to the same stump speech from these guys. Can you imagine having to give the same speech over and over and over again? And pretending to be excited about giving the same talk over and over and over again?

Can you imagine working 15+ hours every day for the better part of two years? Spending most nights in a new hotel? Packing and unpacking every day? Shaking hands, holding babies, taping interviews, and listening to the many good intentioned, but often crazy folks who they meet each day? To me, what these guys have willingly put themselves through is a nightmare, but they have been called to serve this great country. And the least that I can do is take the time to thank them by casting a ballot. I hope you will decide to do the same.

We at New Haven Kids could not agree more! Please vote tomorrow! ...then go get a coffee and doughnut and shop your little hearts away!

As always, if you folks out there know of any other specials, please either leave a comment or send us an email: .


Cheeky Baby said...

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is giving away free scoops too! Just show your "I voted" sticker.

Resident Squint said...

Quote from New Haven Independent: "After voting, take your “I voted” sticker to Atticus Bookstore CafĂ©, Chabaso Bakery Outlet, Nica’s Market, and Romeo and Casare’s Market to pick up a free loaf of artisan bread, courtesy of Chabaso Bakery. It’s an election day tradition in New Haven."