Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How To Help

Many readers out there have asked how they can contribute to New Haven Kids. Because this is a community blog, we can only be successful if people read the blog and contribute ideas, so first of all, please spread the word!

With many of the posts, we ask readers to leave comments or email additional ideas. That is a great way to contribute.

On a larger scale, we welcome parents to contribute by posting articles and reviews of his or her own. For example, if you, like many parents out there, have attended dozens of birthday parties this year and would like to write a post about the best places to hold parties, that would be great information to pass on to our readers. Or, if you have recently eaten out at a great kid-friendly restaurant and would like to write a review, we'd like to add it to our growing list that is in the works.

Thanks for your help! And PLEASE pass along the link: www.newhavenkids.blogspot.com to all your friends!

Please email us at newhavenkids@gmail.com with any questions.

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