Monday, August 2, 2010

New Haven Musician Sets Out to Bring His Dinosaur Music to the World Stage

NEW HAVEN – Local composer and orchestra manager for the Yale Symphony Orchestra, Brian Robinson, has been entertaining area toddlers and pre-school audiences for four years with his dinosaur-themed wind quintet, The Cretaceous Quintet. Now, with the help of a fund-raising website called Kickstarter, he is setting out to produce a professional recording, to be released digitally on iTunes and in CD formats.

The album, titled “Roar!”, will feature songs heard at the groups live performances at the Peabody Museum, including “It’s Not Easy to Dance with Deinonychus”, “The Alphabet of Dinosaurs”, and “Five Little Raptors”. New, never-before-heard songs will also be included. One, “Still Life with Torosaurus”, is inspired by the prominent statue outside the Peabody.

“This is a truly New Haven-borne venture” says Robinson. “I wrote our first songs on a whim for my son’s local nursery school [United Community Nursery School on Temple Street], and within two months we were playing at Dinosaur Days at the Peabody Museum. We’re in our fourth year of bringing dinosaur-themed joy to kids.”

Fund-raising for the project will begin on July 1st, and end on August 25th. Brian hopes to raise $3,000 in that time through the innovative web fundraising platform, Kickstarter. In order to acquire pledges, Robinson is giving out digital and physical copies of the album to donors, as well as signed copies of original sheet music.

The most unique pledge gift, however, is the opportunity to appear on the album itself. For a $40 pledge, you or your child can “Roar” into a microphone, send Brian a copy of the recording, and that “Roar” will wind up on the album, complete with an album credit in the liner notes.


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