Monday, January 26, 2009

Save Our Beloved Sandbox Threads!

I received the following message from Andy, the owner and designer of Sandbox Threads. Please do what you can to help him and all of the small business owners who are in trouble!

Happy New Year from Sandbox Threads

Last April, I sent an "April Fools" email saying that Sandbox Threads was going out of business. It was a joke. This time around, I'm not sure.

Right now, many of you might be thinking that the recession and slow sales are driving us out of business, well, that is not the case. Our sales are up from this time last year, and until yesterday, we were having a very good 2009.

That was until I finally started paying attention to the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act). On Feb. 10, the CPSIA will go into effect, and while the intent of the legislation is good (keeping lead toys out of the hands of children), the umbrella, over-reaching implementation will destroy thousands of small businesses catering to children, like SBT.

This legislation requires lead testing for all products designed for children 12 and under. In order to stay in compliance, we would have to test all of our onesies/shirts in every color, size, style. The cost of testing the products we offer would be approximately $1,200,000. Needless to say, we do not make anywhere near that sort of money, and thus, we will have to close up shop. The fine for one noncompliance starts at $100,000.

In recent days, some positive news has started to trickle out, and Congress seems to finally get it, but as of yet, no official delay or rewrite of the legislation has occurred.

So, how can you help? Just follow the below link and write to your Congressperson and Senators. It will not take five minutes to write all three folks, and you just might help save SBT along with most other small companies that produce products for children.

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